Providing health plan benefits for employees and their families protects them from the uncertainties of life. But employee benefit plans need to protect themselves too. That’s why we offer stop-loss policy choices that meet your unique business goals, from specific stop-loss (also called individual stop-loss) to aggregate stop-loss coverage.

In partnership with our preferred health plans, we offer a bundled ASO product approach. This provides our clients with a streamlined solution that’s nimble enough to offer immediate reimbursement of medical stop-loss claims. In addition, we have a highly focused partnership with Healthcare Management Administrators (HMA) and can work seamlessly with many other third-party administrators operating in our markets.

Dependable and fast reimbursements

Our bundled offering includes seamless and instantaneous payments; while TPA plans are eligible for advanced funding that allows reimbursement within five business days.

Guaranteed renewals

We’ll never non-renew a policy because of a poor claims experience.

Plan mirroring endorsement

Upon review and approval of your plan document, we’ll mirror the stop-loss coverage to your underlying plan, which means no uninsured claims.

No lasering at renewal

On renewals, we won’t add new lasers or increase existing ones. And, if you prefer, we can provide a laser option.

Flexible offerings to fit your risk tolerance

We offer various rate cap options and experience refund levels, as well as include monthly aggregate accommodation for groups with fewer than 500 employees.

Superior underwriting results

We have over 90% persistency, below-market renewal increases and a long-term pricing approach that mitigates year-over-year rate volatility.

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If you want to know more about CBRM or have questions about stop-loss protection, check out our FAQ. Or, if you’re ready to talk to us about your business needs, you can connect with us here.

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